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I have applied for my dream job. Oh my god! Finally, I have been shortlisted.
But, I have to appear for an interview to finally get that job offer.
Is this the question that bothers you too?

Interview Tips
Interview Tips

Walla! Seek Academy provides Interview Training and we brought you some easy tips that can help you to achieve that target.

By reading this article, you will understand:

      ·         Things to remember before and during an interview.
      ·         Triumphant opening the interview.
      ·         How to make the lasting impression.

Before the interview

1.          Understanding your role:

Employers expect you to understand your role and requirements of their business. Interviews are not all about them getting to know you. You may not know exactly what they’re going to ask you, but if you understand your role – you will be able to gauge at least some of the questions.
So readers, remember to be polite and greet everyone you meet – from the receptionist to the hiring manager.

2.      Get ready on time:

If you are going to appear for an interview tomorrow, do not wait until the last moment to choose your formals.

v  Get ready ahead of time.
v  Make sure to arrange all the necessary documents properly in a folder.
v  Always carry 3-4 copies of Resume.
v  Ensure you carry 4-5 passport size photographs.
v  Pay special attention to everything starting from your documents to the way you style.
v  Starting from your shoes to your attire, everything should have the formal touch
v  Avoid jazzy accessories or outfits.

During the Interview

3.     Make Good First Impression:

 “The first impression is the last impression”

Very well said!

While greeting interview:

v  A confident beautiful style should be your style mantra.
v  Maintain proper eye contact.
v  Offer a firm handshake.
v  Do not ask to have a seat, the moment you enter the interview room.

4.    Self-confidence:

                           “Confidence is the key to success”

Readers, confidence is a very powerful tool, it can change the whole scenario if you are confident enough.

During an interview, it is not necessary that you will know the answer to every question of the interviewer.
At this point, confidence comes to your rescue.

First do not lose your confidence, even if you do not know the exact answer, tell the interviewer the steps you would take to figure out the problem and to resolve that.

5.    Body language:

During an interview, body language plays a very crucial role. Effective body language could be a reason to get you that job you always dreamt of.

Positive body language:

v  Confident smile
v  Active posture
v  Eye contact
v  Active listening
v  Verbal/non-verbal nods
v  Hand gestures

Poor body language:

v  Slouching
v  Poor listening
v  Chewing gum
v  Playing with your hair
v  Doodling

So readers, next time when you have to appear in an interview keep these important tips in mind. Remember the first few minutes of the meeting can make it or break it. These are few important points, however, there are many more points which we are going to include shortly as Blogs on our website and facebook page. We wish you all the best for your future interviews.


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